Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Picture Says More.....

by Kyle Michaelis

Maybe it's time to find a new hobby. The twin forces of You Tube and video editing software have left a week's worth of writing all but obsolete. Oh well, it's about the message....not the messenger.

1. "Character and Courage" in the Campaign About Nothing

2. Chuck Hagel: Cashing-In on "Character and Courage"

3. Pete "Overrated" Ricketts

Alas, though, it's not just newfangled technology that's stolen my thunder. On a different issue entirely, an old-fashioned political cartoon by the Lincoln Journal-Star's Neal Obermeyer did a pretty damn good job of capturing what I'd written in the previous post.

The same perspective but more appealing and more to the point - not to mention, more widely read. Of course, it's always reassuring to know there are similar-minded voices in Nebraska, but do they have to make this site and its author seem so inadequate by comparison?


Anonymous Ryan Anderson said...

I know this is off topic, but I missed my chance on the original post so I'd just like to ask: did anyone notice that Ricketts didn't even have enough "character and courage" to put Senator Hagel in an ad without polling Republicans about him first?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was pretty obvious that Eschliman was going to behave this way.

I know a few "moderate" Democrats who didn't vote for Terry Werner. I often wonder how many there were. I hope they're happy.


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