Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Site Update

by Kyle Michaelis
I had a strange experience today when I saw that an anonymous reader had quoted the New Nebraska Network on the Lincoln Journal-Star's website. I recognized the words as my own, but - I'm embarrassed to admit - I could not for the life of me remember when or from what article the quote had come.

In the past, I've relied on the blue bar at the very top of the page to search NNN's archives. But, it was no help whatsoever in placing the quoted passage. Frustrated by that, I've installed a Google Search in the sidebar that should provide more effective searches of the New Nebraska Network's 20 months worth of material.

Sure enough, in the Google Search's inaugural run, I found the quoted article without difficulty. Hopefully, readers with specific interests will find it useful as well.

Between this feature and these fancy new graphics I've added recently (yes, that's sarcasm), this is almost looking like a real website. Though I have no design skills whatsoever, I'd gladly take some suggestions here if there are any further changes or additions readers would like to see.

By the way, I want to thank those few readers who've contributed to Nebraska's Democratic Congressional candidates through NNN's Act Blue page. I don't like soliciting - don't plan on doing it again - but it's crunch time. If you want to make a difference before the election, now is the time to give.

I want to make a special plea to those fine readers who've left Nebraska but still consider it home. I know there are competitive races across the country, but we have great candidates this year who stand for the very best our state has to offer and who have a real chance at victory. They need your help. Nebraska needs your help. Please give what you can.


Anonymous JFonNE said...

Kyle - Your "N's" on the map of the state look like a Rubic Cube which I think is a fitting discription of just how hard Nebraskans are to figure out.

Vince Powers took a couple of hits yesterday in the OWH letters to the editor. Any rebuttals planned?


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