Monday, October 02, 2006

ALERT: Governor Has "Stomach Flu" - Tonight's Debate Canceled

by Kyle Michaelis

The Hahn campaign states:
Candidate for governor and entrepreneur David Hahn said that he is committed to rescheduling the live TV debate.

"I've instructed my campaign staff to keep our schedule open and to make it as easy as possible to reschedule this live TV debate," Hahn said.

"It's the only statewide televised debate that the governor agreed to, which is why it's so important. We have debates for the voters, not the candidates, and I'm sure that like me, the governor will do everything can to reschedule a live, TV debate. This is our duty as candidates to the people of Nebraska," Hahn said.


Blogger Werner Herzog's Bear said...

I don't want to assume that Heineman is faking it, but as a teacher I know one should take any claims of sickness on a test day with a grain of salt. What's not in dispute is that Heineman has tried to restrict public debate because he knows in his heart of heart that Hahn's ideas make a lot of sense for Nebraskans. How pathetic that he'd rather silence those ideas that mount a reasoned argument against them.

Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...


The debate has been rescheduled for Monday, Oct. 9th - same time, same channel. Maybe Gov. Heineman needed another week of preparation for Hahn, but - having been sick myself recently - I'm inclined to give the man the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Of course, you're right - this wouldn't be such a big deal if Heineman hadn't, all along, stood in the way of more debates and more opportunities for Nebraskans to hear from their candidates.


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