Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mike Foley Admits He's Unfit for Auditor

by Kyle Michaelis
State Sen. Mike Foley - "The Lying Legislator"

The race for State Auditor took a strange turn last week when the Nebraska Republican Party was revealed to have begun an investigation of incumbent Kate Witek's conduct in office, requesting records of her activities and her work hours (OWH / LJS). It's utterly absurd but no less amusing that the Nebraska GOP didn't think of questioning Witek's service for the 7 1/2 years she held office as a Republican. What a difference a few weeks as a Democrat will make.

Having changed parties in mid-August and now mounting a bid for a third term, it's clear the Republican Party takes Witek's reelection effort and her threat to their stranglehold on power in state government very seriously. And they should. Not only has Witek impressed the people of Nebraska with her work ethic, tenacity, and independence - all of which have served the state well - but she's also running against a divisive and deceitful Republican candidate, Mike Foley, who shamed himself and the state legislature in which he serves in its 2006 session.

The weakness of Foley's candidacy needs no further illustration than Foley's own statement of beliefs on his campaign website, which - by his own words - would seem to immediately disqualify him from the office he seeks:
"I believe we should hold our government to the highest standard."

The highest standard? Are you sure about that Mr. Foley? Because I really don't think the "highest standard" allows much room for a proven liar who seeks to advance an extremist agenda by "deliberately deceiving" his fellow state senators. At the very least, it would demand some degree of accountability for such actions, which Foley shamelessly avoided by his insulting refusal to apologize to the legislature and to the people of Nebraska for his lies.

Foley has made the best case there is against his candidacy for state auditor. The voters do deserve and democracy does demand public servants who meet the very highest standards of honesty and integrity. This is particularly the case for an office such as state auditor that serves largely in an oversight capacity. Yet, Foley's own record proves he does not live up to this most basic but essential of expectations.

"We should hold our government to the highest standard" - I couldn't agree more completely. And that's precisely why Nebraska can't afford to elect a man like Mike Foley to one of the state's highest offices.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad he WON! oooh - what! Must not be so "dishonest" after all - the people of Nebraska have spoken.


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