Tuesday, October 03, 2006

World-Herald Crosses the Line Between Reporting & Free Republican Advertising

by Kyle Michaelis
After running its profile on First District Congressional challenger Maxine Moul yesterday, the Omaha World-Herald today ran its profile of first-term incumbent Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. Both are nice articles portraying the candidates in a generally positive light. However, in its introduction of Fortenberry, the World-Herald crosses a line in its reporting, adopting language more suited to a campaign advertisement than a supposedly objective profile of the candidate.

My gripe is with the reporter's description of Fortenberry as "family- and faith-focused." While most voters would agree these are positive attibutes, a newspaper using such terms to describe a candidate for political office is quite absurd because they create a false impression that Fortenberry is somehow more concerned with family and morality than Moul, despite this very focus being a hallmark of her campaign that serves as the central theme of her first TV advertisement.

Of course, this shouldn't surprise. The deceitful distinction seen here has been advanced for years to the detriment of Democratic candidates, with no basis in truth or the issues.

I'll belabor the point no further, but it is sad to see the World-Herald allow this partisan posturing into its pages under the guise of fact. Its reporters and the newspaper itself should know better and be more responsible in what they print.


Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

I agree that the World Herald partakes in partisanship.

A recent editorial rebuked the Ricketts's camp "Farmer Nelson" ad, specifically saying that "fraud is a term that should not be used lightly".

Ben Nelson cheated on his taxes. He knowlingly committed fraud by signing those two documents asking for, and increasing in 2001, his greenbelt designation.

Of course, the OWH won't admit that....he got a free pass from them long ago on the issue.

Yes, the OWH does take sides,
doesn't it??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog you are so full of Bullsh*t.

The OWH is the ONLY media outlet that ran six days worth of coverage on Nelson's sarpy county deal. They even were the only media to cover the convicted felon's news conference attacking Nelson. Get over it.

Do you live in Nelson's head? do you know he intended to commit fraud? Are you a lawyer?

When will Ricketts tell Nebraska why they should elect him? he acts like the Democrats in Washington - the entire message is "im not as bad as him"

Lame. Now - insult me as you are more prredictable then diarrhea after a chili cook off.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

No, dumbass, but Nelson is an attorney and as one, in addition to being an elected official at the time he signed the 2001 request, should have known better.

But as most people are starting to see with Nelson, he is a low as they come.

An example is the "he made his money illegally" claim against Hagel in '96. Of course, the 'dirt' strategy failed miserably.

No one has to live in Nelson's head to see him for what he is.

He may have won over the press, but the minds of voters is a different matter.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DB - You're right - the minds of voters are different than the world herald. that's probably why they support nelson by 20 points over ricketts. No fooling them!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog - now you are an investment banking expert? you are interesting.
I think any impartial analysis of how Hagel made his money would conclude that he used unethical tactics to rig the lottery. But hey, I only know what I read.

Did you know that Hagel has also failed to file an accurate financial disclosure with the Senate every year since he's been there? And of course his waterboy Ricketts falls into the same lame line as Hagel - Ricketts filed his forms 90 days late.

Rich people, especially those who inherit their money like Pete or ill-gotten gains types like Hagel dont think they have to follow anyone's rules.

Ok - what clever love moniker will you give me now? I cant wait.

PS do you know Pete's PIN code that he uses to fundhis campaign? Its: LOSR

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

"Ill-gotten gains"? Sounds like a little dollar-envy. Poor little you...I am sorry your welfare/unemployment checks cannot "pimp your ride" adequately.

Please list in detail all of Nelson's business dealings, and exactly how he made his fortune.

Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have no idea how Ben Nelson made his money. But I know three things for sure:
1. he didn't rig a lottery
2. He didn't get it all from his Daddy
3. Whatever you and the Ricketts campaign have to say about it will be an outright lie.

How does it feel to see 12 million of Daddy's money go up in smoke (or should I say turkey feathers)?

Now that Pete knows I know his PIN number I heard he changed it. It's now: DUMB

Now - please insult me again as you are more predictable than cow dung in a pasture.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

As usual, no answers.

If you don't know how Nelson made his money, then how can you claim to know how Hagel made his money? From some Nelson campaign ad?? Yeah, that's a good educational tool.

Like everyone else on this woeful site, you are a blind partisan.

No wonder the Dems have been out of power so long.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I get my news from the Omaha World Herald. go to the library. read. have someone teach you how to read if necessary.

To paraphrase you and one of your repeated Nelson slams: Hagel cheated to get rich.

Think the NEGOP or the attack poodle Moenning will demand Hagel "Pay his riches back"?

now...drum roll...here come more insults from a guy more reliable than heat in the summer.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

If you get your news from the OWH, that explains your stunted intelligence.

Why don't you go say that to Hagel's face? He would shatter your jaw before he even got mad.

But of course you don't have the balls...you hide out here in cyberspace wearing your rainbow-colored undies.

Prove how Hagel cheated. I can prove how Nelson cheated on his taxes.

Can you back up your shit-talking? Probably not, which is why your party has been out of power so long.


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