Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fortenberry's Attacks on Moul Disappear from Campaign Website

by Kyle Michaelis
Who finds it odd that Congressman Jeff Fortenberry's website contained a section titled "My Opponent" earlier today - dedicated entirely to negative portrayals of Democratic challenger and former Lt. Governor Maxine Moul - which has now been entirely removed and erased from memory? Damn it, couldn't the Fortenberry campaign have at least left the page up long enough for most readers who heard mention of it in my earlier post to see it for themselves?

Anyway, most of what was contained on the page were a pair of none-too-damning articles from the early 90s - one quoting Moul's speaking to the legislature in favor of a tax increase with the other a World-Herald editorial expressing disfavor with Moul's resignation as Lt. Governor to become head of the state's Dept. of Economic Development. There was also a smattering of Republican press releases from the last few months challenging Moul's positions on several key issues such as the continued occupation of Iraq.

The page was quite prominently featured on Fortenberry's website - perhaps so prominently that the campaign realized it was rather unseemly. I'll admit to thinking it odd that a sitting Congressman would devote an entire page to attacking his opponent on his campaign's main website - not much of a display of confidence. Guess that shows how seriously Fortenberry takes Moul's challenge - or at least how prepared he is to respond should Moul's campaign catch fire in the coming weeks with the help of so many Republican scandals and Congressional blunders.


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