Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Note to Readers

by Kyle Michaelis
The most careful of readers will probably have noticed a few changes to the New Nebraska Network. For starters, "we" are now offering a free subscription service that will deliver a daily collection of the most recent NNN articles to your e-mail address whenever there is new content. The service has been up and running for a week or two now, and a number of readers have already taken advantage of it - eliminating the need to cycle through your bookmarks and the risk of missing our latest commentary on Nebraska politics (the horror....the horror).

Unfortunately, the e-mail service does not include readers' comments and the discussions that follow, so I hope even those who subscribe to it will be sure to stop by the website to see what others are writing, to share their own thoughts, or just to keep me in line. And, if anyone finds they are having trouble with the subscription service, please contact me...as it remains something of an experiment.

On that note, I've also inaugurated a new e-mail address at which readers should contact me with any kind words, inside scoops, suggestions, submissions, or even the occasional anonymous assault on my personal character. All are welcome and appreciated at NewNebNet@gmail.com.

That will hopefully be more memorable and less confusing than the address I'd been using since this site's inception, as well as allowing me to better keep track of and respond to NNN-related messages. Of course, this whole NewNebNet-thing is still a bit official-sounding for my tastes, but it's just one more long-overdue change to make the New Nebraska Network more inviting to the readers who make this site and the effort that goes into it such a worthwhile experience.

Any other changes you'd like to see? Fire away! I'm game for just about anything that requires little work or technical know-how.


Anonymous jeff said...

good move, gmail is far superior!


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