Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Inconvenient Truth About Adrian Smith

by Kyle Michaelis
Worse Than A Rubber Stamp....on Global Warming
I asked if Adrian believes in global warming. “No!” He believes many of the “facts” about global warming are in dispute.
-from conservative activist Steve Smith's "Interview with Adrian Smith" (11/23/2005)

America is on the verge of technological breakthroughs that will enable us to live our lives less dependent on oil. These technologies will help us become better stewards of the environment -- and they will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change.
-President George W. Bush's State of the Union Address (01/23/2007)

It says a lot about 3rd District Republican Congressman Adrian Smith that he's actually slower than President Bush at recognizing a problem. Smith is living proof of the old adage: When ideas fail, being a Republican comes in very handy.

Or something like that.

Could someone please lend Smith a copy of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" on DVD to get him up to speed?

An Inconvenient Truth - funny, that's not a bad description for the fact that this joker Adrian Smith is actually the 3rd District's Congressman.

Pretty sad when you think about it. Even sadder if we do nothing to change it. On that note, please support the new website SmithWatch and do everything you can to force Smith's accountability to the voters of Central and Western Nebraska.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is even more vital to pay attention to, as Smith is a member of the House Science and Technology committee.


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