Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sign the Democratic Party's Property Tax Petition

by Kyle Michaelis
I try to avoid discussing inner-party politics as much as possible, but the action taken today by the Nebraska Democratic Party demands mention of just how excellent and exciting a choice former two-term State Senator and 1st District Congressional candidate Matt Connealy is to replace Barry Rubin as the NDPs new Executive Director.

In calling on Governor Dave Heineman to make property tax relief a top priority on the eve of his 2007 State of the State address, Connealy has not only spoken up for the not-so-silent majority of Nebraskans but has again proven why he continues to be such a respected leader.

This morning's press release from the NDP reads:
On the eve of Governor Dave Heineman’s “State of the State” address, Nebraska Democrats called on the Governor to work with members of the Unicameral to find solutions to Nebraska’s continuing property tax situation.

In Heineman’s inaugural address last week and in recent press statements, he has stated that income tax cuts and the repeal of the estate tax top his priorities for the coming year.

“Throughout the campaign leading up to November’s general election, our candidates running up and down the ballot throughout the state heard strong messages from voters regarding the out-of-control property tax rates in Nebraska,” said Matt Connealy, Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party. “It was clear through these discussions that property tax relief topped the agenda of the citizens of our state.”

While Heineman states that property taxes are a local issue – their continued rise and burden on taxpayers is indeed a statewide issue. In a press conference this morning, Connealy called on Heineman to address the issue in the halls of the capitol.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party encourages the Governor to keep an eye on the ball,” said Connealy. “Repealing the estate tax and adding income tax cuts will do little to benefit the majority of our citizens.”

Connealy noted that Nebraska is fortunate to have elected many outstanding new senators representing various areas of the state in the Unicameral whose fresh ideas and enthusiasm Heineman should tap into for the betterment of the state.

Nebraska residents are encouraged to sign a petition encouraging Governor Heineman to work with state senators to make property tax relief a priority. The online petition is located on our website,
That's some perfect follow-up to my previous post challenging Heineman's misplaced priorities in cutting taxes and his deceptive "tax shift" rhetoric employed with the aid of the Omaha World-Herald. Now, with the NDP's petition, you can also take direct action to make sure the people's all-too-familiar cries for property tax relief are heard in the State Capitol.

Connealy has only been in his new position for two weeks, but he is a true Nebraska patriot and public servant who will, no doubt, continue to serve his party and his state with honor and distinction in the coming months and years. This is a man who understands Nebraska and the needs of Nebraska's citizens, as evidenced by this bold but entirely practical challenge to Gov. Heineman's attempt to bully the people into embracing an agenda fitting his priorities rather than their own.

The Nebraska Democratic Party is on the rise. They seem to have found their voice again and, I dare to suggest, there are promising days ahead.

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