Thursday, February 01, 2007

Announcing: NewNebraska(dot)Net

by Kyle Michaelis
The New Nebraska Network has not yet outgrown its Blogspot address, but - in our never-ending quest to get the site to something approaching respectability and to make it more convenient for readers - we're happy to announce that you can now read NNN's frontpage at www.NewNebraska.Net.

There's no need to change your bookmarks. The address we've been using for the last 23 months isn't going anywhere. But, for purposes of spreading the word about our work here, the NewNebraska.Net address should certainly come in handy, as it is shorter, more appealing, and certainly easier to remember.

Many thanks to my big brother Rory Michaelis for making possible this inexpensive and common sense next step in NNN's slow but steady evolution. This is the first real change we've seen since this November's unveiling of our successful New Nebraska Daily Update e-mail service. The number of subscribers to our daily e-mails has been a pleasant surprise. I am honored and humbled by those readers who have made NNN an essential part of their daily diet of Nebraska political commentary. Not that there's a whole lot of well-established competition but - heck - we try to earn it anyways.

I've heard no complaints about our once-a-day e-mails, so I assume the system has been working well and feel confident recommending it to anyone out there who likes to keep informed but doesn't like spending all day site-hopping on the Internet. Your time is precious, and this totally free and easily-accessible delivery service is our way of respecting that. Subscribe today!



Blogger Eric said...

I think you have outgrown the blogspot address. IMHO blogspot blogs reek of amateurness. It is quickly becoming the "geocities" or "" of the blogging world.

Can I be the first reader to petition that you move it all over to your nice new domain name and set up a wordpress blog or something?

Anonymous Dave Sund said...

I love WordPress, but there's plenty of high-traffic, prominent bloggers who use Blogger/Blogspot (Atrios, Greenwald, Digby, to name a few). Quality is the most important thing, after all.

If you ever do feel you've outgrown Blogger, though, now you have the domain name to use to move to a new platform.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and they say all bloggers are dorks...


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