Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Lincoln-Area Invitation

by Kyle Michaelis
A young activist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln asked NNN to share the following invitation with readers, and we are - of course - happy to oblige. There are a lot of events of this sort all over the state that it would be great to have listed in a single, comprehensive location. Someone really should get on top of that, don't you think?

Take it away, Hannah......

Hannah Ledford on
"Invisible Children" and the Crisis in Uganda

You might find it odd that the following is being posted on a left leaning, Nebraska-specific blog. The following post does not belong here. The fact that children are being slaughtered in Northern Uganda has virtually no impact on the good people of Nebraska. In addition, this post is about human rights violations currently taking place and while this is clearly a political issue, it is a completely non-partisan issue. However, you are able to help the people of Northern Uganda, and that should prompt you to read further.

Despite its brutality, few outside of Uganda have acknowledged the country’s twenty year war with the Lord’s Resistance Army. In 1986, the LRA began a ruthless campaign to overthrow the government of Uganda. The LRA has been ultimately unsuccessful. However, the level of pain, suffering and fear felt by the Ugandan people (especially children) as a result of this rebellion, has been virtually unparalleled. More information can be found here.

In 2003, three independent filmmakers traveled to Uganda to document the war. They made a documentary from their footage and proceeded to begin a non-profit organization, the goal of which is to raise awareness for Uganda in the United States, and create jobs and further education in Northern Uganda.

On March 20th and 21st. Representatives from the Invisible Children Organization will be at the Ross Media Arts Center at 7:00pm as part of their Second Annual National Tour. They will be showing their documentary and having a Q&A session afterward. The representatives will also be giving the audience information as to how they can become involved and make a difference in this situation.

For more information, please contact Hannah Ledford ( or Karen Philabaun (

A number of other screenings wil be held in Lincoln over the next week. For a complete listing, go to

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