Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where Chuck Hagel Stood in 1996 Reveals Where He'll Stand for 2008?

by Kyle Michaelis
We don't know what he'll say at his Monday announcement, but we do know what Sen. Chuck Hagel said in 1996:

Meanwhile, the National Journal's latest 2008 Presidential rankings put Hagel at eighth in the Republican field. They write:
When the conversation is about Iraq, he's a star. When it's about Iran and Walter Reed, he's one of the pack. We still figure him for a unity ticket, although isn't he suddenly becoming the GOP's Joe Lieberman of 2000? If the eventual nominee needs to show distance from Bush, wouldn't Hagel (like Lieberman for Gore) be the perfect choice?
I suppose this Hagel for Vice-President stuff has to sound good to pundits who understand how unpopular the war in Iraq is with the American public. But, let's be serious - if it's "distance from Bush" that the Republican ticket needs, what good is Hagel as the U.S. Senate's biggest supporter of the Bush agenda?

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