Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nelson and Hagel 'Walk the Walk' on the Iraq War

by Kyle Michaelis
Dave Sund of the UNO College Democrats' blog - and a frequent contributor at Daily Kos - has put together two excellent reports on the deciding votes cast by Nebraska Senators Ben Nelson (D) and Chuck Hagel (R) in Tuesday's 50-48 showdown over keeping an Iraq War withdrawal date attached to the latest Appropriations Bill. As much as I love the sound of my own typing, I'm happy to let Dave tell you the rest since he's already done such a good job with the story. Definitely check out both of the above links.

But, please be sure to come back to the New Nebraska Network for our next big report on State Sen. Kent Rogert's inexplicable fondness for Nickelback and Poison - the white-trash poet of my generation and the shame of 80s hair bands, respectively.

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