Thursday, April 19, 2007

The CfRA's Big Push

by Ryan Anderson
More than anything, the netroots have proven themselves through their ability to raise cash. We're now at the point where a candidate like Barack Obama can rise from the political woodwork and challenge the fundraising supremacy of the most established name in the Democratic Party with donations from college students, working people, single parents... people who don't usually shell out $2,000 checks to eat rubber chicken.

This momentum has been trickling down into the state blogospheres, with sites like Raising Kaine using local networks to raise money for candidates to state and federal offices... often with terrific success. In this respect, us Nebraska bloggers are behind the curve.

Not that we've eschewed fundraising in general. I should note (as I failed to note earlier -mea culpa), that NNN founder Kyle Michaelis supported an ActBlue page from this very site for the 2006 cycle, and other Nebraskan bloggers have certainly done their part to generate interest and raise funds. But I don't think we've tapped into our full potential, a potential illustrated by other state and national blogs who have perhaps been a little more forward in their solicitations.

In fact, the Center for Rural Affairs just might be the first organization in the state to break out the ole' fundraising thermometer and dream that big dream:

For years, the CfRA has provided an invaluable voice on progressive issues of concern to rural Nebraska: advocating for the state corporate farming ban, working to eliminate federal handouts to corporate mega-farms, and calling for reform of LB775 among many other admirable crusades. Now they're looking to raise $15,000 by May 15th.

A chance to support progressive causes and help prove our fundraising prowess? Sounds like a good deal to me. Let's help 'em bust this thermometer.

Click here to donate.

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Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...


I would just like to point out that all last fall the New Nebraska Network proudly sponsored its own ActBlue page where hundreds of dollars were generously donated by NNN readers to the campaigns of Maxine Moul, Jim Esch, and Scott Kleeb. That said, the CFRA does wonderful work and deserves readers' support, hopefully matched by a contribution to Chris Beutler's Lincoln Mayoral campaign.

Blogger Ryan Anderson said...

My sincerest apologies, Kyle. I'll make note of that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan, thank you for a well written, heart felt post. The Center does indeed do awesome work. On the Center for Rural Affairs site it says they are up to $4,129 (from 124 donors). I gave $100, hope others will join me. John


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