Thursday, April 05, 2007

Let's Celebrate the Kick-Off of Omaha's Under 40 Democrats

by Kyle Michaelis
Two months ago, I promised Omaha NNN readers a chance to come together, grab some drinks, and actually meet me in person. Now, I'm not under any illusions that this would be any great honor, but some people like the chance for a different sort of interaction. If nothing else, it would be an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about what kind of person would honestly devote the last two years of his life to ranting about Nebraska politics.

I have been known to break myself away from the computer screen and to go out on occasion. And, I can think of no better occasion to do so than to attend the Omaha kick-off for the reinvigorated "Under 40 Democrats" one week from today. Click the below graphic for more details:

It should be an awesome time. The Under 40s meet strictly for socializing - to give like-minded politcally passionate people a chance to have some fun and get to know one another. A pretty awesome idea if you ask me.

So, come on down to 36th & Farnam to check it out. Although you do have to be 21 years old, I'm acting on strict authority when I say no carding will be involved for those on the other side of their fourth decade. If you're a Democrat who wants to have a good time and meet some new people (including yours truly), then I'll hope to see you there.



Anonymous Bill said...

If time permits I will try to stop by. This although I am a "few" years past that magic 40 number. I must say the advertising flier sort of smack of age discrimination. That is not of your doing, I understand.

Blogger neal said...

Is that the same Trevor Fitzgerald from the ASUN Call-In Show with Evan Deichert?

Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...


The one and only.

Well, the "only" bit might be an exaggeration, but you catch my drift.


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