Friday, August 24, 2007

Bob Kerrey One Step Closer to ???

by Kyle Michaelis
Following up on NNN's previous post, the Omaha World-Herald chimes in with some additional details and a slightly different take on Bob Kerrey's potential return to Nebraska's campaign trail:
Former Sen. Bob Kerrey told trustees at his New York university Thursday that he is seriously considering running for the Senate again if Republican Chuck Hagel announces his retirement. "I'd like the answer to be 'yes' or 'no' as close to when Chuck makes his decision," Kerrey said in an interview. "I wanted to let them know the answer might be yes"....  
Kerrey, a Democrat who served two terms in the Senate and one as Nebraska's governor, said the New School trustees understood why he is interested in possibly returning to public life. He said they hope he decides not to leave the university. "The odds still favor me saying no," Kerrey said. 
If he were to win election again, Kerrey said, he suffers no illusion that he'd be happier than he is now. "It's not about happiness," Kerrey said. "It's about does the country need me to try?"Kerrey said he has been giving serious thought to the race because he thinks he could contribute to shaping American policies on national security, intelligence, trade and entitlement programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.... 
If Hagel decides not to seek re-election, Kerrey said he will announce his own plans soon after. He has talked the matter over with his wife and would decide with her, he said."In some ways, it's not a difficult decision. It's just, do I want to do it?" 

I don't know, Bob. You tell us.

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