Friday, August 24, 2007

Fishing With Joe in NE-02

by Kyle Michaelis
Omaha reporter Joe Jordan is fishing for stories about who might run against Lee Terry for Nebraska's Second Congressional District. The person he's cornered most recently is none other than Omaha State Senator Tom White.

KMTV 3's Joe Jordan: Senator, I was wondering where you are regarding a possible run for Congress?  
State Senator Tom White: Ha, ha, ha....   
Jordan: No really, do you think you're going to run?   
White: Joe, I'm just trying to get property tax relief for my constituents.
Jordan also remarks on the improbability of 2006 challenger Jim Esch making a second run at Terry's seat. Word on the street is that Esch will be announcing his intentions very soon - perhaps as early as Labor Day.

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