Saturday, August 11, 2007

'Stay the Course' Alive & Well in Hearts of Nebraska Republicans???

by Kyle Michaelis
In the same Omaha World-Herald article covering Hal Daub's statewide listening tour, what was far, far scarier than the prospect of Daub in the U.S. Senate was the feedback he reported from Nebraska Republicans - particularly on the war in Iraq:
During the Fremont stop, Daub listened as those in a largely Republican gathering told him they hoped America would stay the course in Iraq. Two said they did not want this country to experience another Vietnam. Daub said that was typical of the response he's gotten from the more than 2,200 people he has talked to since May.
Seriously, where is Daub finding these people? Is he just totally full of crap, or is there really such an impenetrable shell protecting Nebraska Republicans' ignorance and obliviousness?

I don't believe in easy solutions to America's Iraq problem, but I thought we might finally be getting to a point at which we could all agree that 'stay the course' is nothing more than an empty slogan promising expanding chaos and more bloodshed. There is no strategy at its heart. It carries with it no purpose but to protect our president's foolish pride, making us a nation of proud fools.  Is it possible that Nebraska Republicans are really telling Daub they want our nation to 'stay the course' to even further disaster?

Even if we believe recent reports of "military progress" in Iraq, these still offer little hope for the peace and political progress that are supposedly our ultimate objectives.

'Stay the course might' sound good coming from John Wayne in Rio Bravo, but it's the height of lunacy in terms of military strategy - as if resolve alone could guarantee success. To stand by so obnoxious a statement more than four years into this idiotic exercise in egotism and insecurity is a virtual embrace of outright insanity.

Are Nebraska Republicans really so desperate and out-of-touch that they imagine different outcomes from our repeating the same mistakes? I can't believe that - even of the ones who would actually take time out of their day to listen to Hal Daub speak.

Of course, there might be a few who have traded their reason for their Republicanism - and I suspect these folks would be well-served by either Daub or Jon Bruning. But, 'stay the course' is not a strategy - it's suicide in the name of partisan loyalty that confuses supporting our troops with letting them be slaughtered.

If that's "typical" of the response Daub got on his listening tour, he would have been much better off staying home and paying attention to the actual news coming out of Iraq rather than surrounding himself with such a sorry bunch who've lost the ability to separate Bush's fantasy from our reality.

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