Friday, April 08, 2005

The Real Culture War

by Kyle Michaelis
This just in, a sad commentary on where we’re at as a people. The first line of this article from the Omaha World-Herald says it all:
The Ranch Bowl Entertainment Center is closing, and Wal-Mart said Thursday it is considering building a store at the 72nd Street site.
Disappointing, to say the least, for Omaha music fans. Take comfort, though, you will soon be able to buy edited versions of your favorite mass-marketed pop albums from your friendly local Wal-Mart retailer. And listen to this from a Wal-Mart Community Affairs manager:
"This won't look like the old-school, drop-the-box in the middle-of-a-field Wal-Mart."
Exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Maybe they’ll be going vertical with this baby. Neighborhood kids might even get some escalators to play on out of the deal. Meanwhile, it must be noted that plans are in the works to open a music venue twice as large as the 400-capacity Ranch Bowl, though no further details are available.

Just proves what Wal-Mart has always known – in America, bigger is better even when it’s not.


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