Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reconsidering the Site

by Kyle Michaelis
Well, maybe I jumped the gun yesterday. Appreciate all the kind words I've gotten via e-mail and comments - swear I wasn't fishing for them, but it feels good. My main problem is that I don't have near as much time to dedicate to the site as I would like. I simply can't keep up with the news cycle, even confining myself to Nebraska politics and media.

Rather than giving up completely, though, I will instead simply temper my expectations of the New Nebraska Network and myself. As much as I would like to write about everything important - as much as I would enjoy being a one-stop filter on all the BS - it's just not going to happen. What I can commit to is, on average, about one article/post each day. I'll just be up-front about that, so no one has any illusions, most especially myself.

So, if anyone's still reading...I'm still writing. Sorry about the send-off yesterday. It's the sort of annoying little gesture that would make me consider deleting a site's bookmark, but I hope some of you can be more forgiving. The Blog for Nebraska is still a great resource, and I'm really excited by it's possibilities. Still, thanks to a few of you, I can again see the need for an alternative.

Back to work. No more self-indulgent site commentaries for a good long while. That's a promise.


Blogger neal said...


Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...

I deserve that.

Blogger HMM said...


I'm glad you reconsidered.

We need your news and views.

I need your news and views.

Nebraska needs your news and views.

Keep NNN alive!


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