Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Readers Defend Malcolm X

by Kyle Michaelis
The last three editions of the Omaha World-Herald have included letters in "the Public Pulse" defending the memory of Malcolm X from Harold W. Andersen's malicious and deceitful column last week.

While these letters each made passionate arguments for honoring Malcolm, it was sad to see they did not call Andersen on his complete and utter fabrication about Malcolm only mentioning his birthplace of Omaha once in his best-selling "Autobiography." This site has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Andersen's claim was a total lie with the sole intention of undermining community efforts to pay tribute to this fallen leader.

This sort of "by any means necessary" non-journalism is intolerable and can not be allowed to stand. Someone at the Omaha World-Herald must be held accountable and restitutions must be paid. The people of this state deserve the truth, and - just as importantly - Omaha's black community, who shared in the suffering and triumph of Malcolm X that Andersen now tries to cover-up - deserves an immediate apology.

Say it with me every Nebraskan who sees these under-handed tactics for what they are and has had enough - we won't be silent any longer - "we are all Malcolm X."


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