Monday, November 07, 2005

Huskers Against Hergert

by Kyle Michaelis

Another day, another affront against decency by "the Degenerate Regent" Dave Hergert - who still refuses to resign from the office he cheated so despicably to win.

Up until last week, Hergert pathetically hid behind the imagined support of voters in his Western Nebraska district, but a fine bit of journalism and polling data from the Daily Nebraskan effectively silenced that defense once and for all showing that the people in Hergert's district are embarrassed and want to be rid of him even more than the rest of the state.

Now, there's another new voice in the growing chorus of concerned citizens calling for Hergert to resign with what little dignity he has left or to face a costly and painful removal that will tarnish his name for years, whether the righteous effort succeeds or not. Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have banded together to form Huskers Against Hergert.

The group has hit the ground running, with a great website and some well-deserved media coverage, all as it coordinates a united front to stand proudly at the Nov. 11 meeting of the Board of Regents and denounce Hergert for continuing to drag their University's reputation through the mud by his insulting presence on its governing body.

I encourage all readers to join Huskers Against Hergert in their noble cause, standing up for the rule of law as so many of Nebraska's so-called leaders have abdicated this duty (particularly Attorney General Jon Bruning and Governor Dave Heineman) because they share Hergert's Republican political affiliation. Be heard Friday, 1:30 pm at Varner Hall in Lincoln on UNL's East Campus (35th & Holdrege).

The time is now to send a message that, even if Hergert refuses to hear, the rest of Nebraska will. This state's every value is rooted in decency, fairness, and hard work - all of which Hergert betrayed during the course of his campaign. Let's give him one last chance to do the right thing. If he doesn't listen, he will be well-deserving of whatever place he ultimately earns amongst Nebraska history's most infamous scoundrels and villians.


Blogger A.J. Bohac & Other HAH Members said...

Thanks for the post Kyle. I try to check out your blog regularly, so it was cool to see 'Huskers Against Hergert' on there. I mentioned your blog on our blog so hopefully you'll get a few hits from that.

Thanks for the help, keep up the good work.

-A.J. Bohac
Huskers Against Hergert


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