Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maxine Moul's "Moolah"

by Kyle Michaelis
moolah - def: informal term for money; syn: bread, cabbage, clams, dinero, dough, gelt, lettuce, lucre, loot, shekels

In my previous post, I failed to mention that the discussion about Scott Kleeb's campaign at Swing State Project began with the site's inclusion of First District candidate Maxine Moul on an exclusive list of Democratic challengers who had managed to raise more campaign funds in the first quarter of 2006 than the incumbent Republican they face.
Maxine Moul (D)
1Q Raised/Cash-on-Hand: $210K/$179K

Jeff Fortenberry (R)
1Q Raised/Cash-on-Hand: $85K/$416K
Moul raised 2 1/2 times what Fortenberry was able to pull together. That's quite the distinction, demonstrating not only Moul's legitimacy but also just how much dissatisfaction there is with Fortenberry.

Looks like the shutdown of Tom DeLay's pipeline of corrupt campaign cash might be taking its toll after being forced to resign from Congress.

There's no way these fundraising totals are anything but good news. Still, even with a candidate of Moul's impressive credentials and overwhelming experience, a victory in this race is going to take every ounce of passion and, yes, every dollar that Nebraska's common sense voters can give. Fortenberry has a solid and resilient base of support, even if his blind partisanship has alienated anyone with an independent thought in his or her head.

If more people actually take a look at Fortenberry's voting record, he's clearly going to be vulnerable. But, first, they need a reminder of who Maxine Moul is and why she's such a great candidate.

In her life story, her expertise in rural economics, even her stances on the issues, Moul has Fortenberry beat hands down for her connection with the interests and values of First District voters - the voters Fortenberry has so failed to represent by taking orders from Washington D.C. party bosses rather than the people back at home.

So, congratulations to Moul for this impressive show of early strength. She and Kleeb deserve their success. And, all of Nebraska will surely benefit from their campaigns to restore decency, independence, and an actual voice to our Congressional delegation.


Blogger David Tarrell said...

What a great sign! I'm thrilled that so many others see Fortenberry as he truly is. Amidst so much depressing news, this stands out as something to look forward to: and if the Blues are raising this kind of money in the heart of a red state, things look good across the country, hopefully.

Blogger Unknown said...

Not only that, Kyle, but our candidate in NE-02 has some potential, too. Jim Esch isn't nearly on par with Terry in terms of spending, but if there is genuine dissatisfaction with the direction of Congress, Esch is a viable alternative. He's got his name and campaign logo on nearly every bus stop in the city.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently became a part time volunteer for the Moul campaign, and I have a request which I hope will make Maxine's online fundraising even better.

The request is in regards to the excellent online fundraising PAC, www.actblue.com

Simply put, I would request of people that if they dont already have an Actblue page, please go to http://www.actblue.com and become acquainted with this great resource for online fundraising.

If they already have an actblue page, would they please consider putting a link to Maxine on it.

If readers of this site, people with more of an internet footprint than me, (or Democrats in general) could start up a page for Maxine's campaign or add her to their existing page, it would help her fundraising to be even better.

As we saw from Kyle's link to swingstate, even though many Democratic candidates are doing well at fundraising, their Republican counterparts still have more cash on hand.
I think we should be able to help reduce that margin, and an actblue page for Maxine is a fine way to start.



Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...


Jim Esch is certainly doing everything humanly possible to make this a race against Lee Terry. I'm impressed by his efforts - particularly that beautiful website of his. I look forward to his campaign making some waves, so I can track-down some material to work with. As is, he's sort of keeping below the RADAR. I can appreciate that and hope he surprises a lot of people this fall.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason he hasn't raised as much money is because R donors in NE are already spending $$ on the Governor and Senate races......its a lot easier to raise $$ if you are a party with a couple of candidates, vs a party with a vibrant, lifeful energy and candidates in every race.


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