Wednesday, April 19, 2006

World-Herald "Attempts" Balance UPDATE

by Kyle Michaelis
Woops! Even in my post below I gave the World-Herald too much credit, assuming the latest report on its website was the final version that went to print this morning. I assumed wrong.

Having now taken a look at today's print edition, I'm sad to see that it not only includes Heineman, Osborne, and Nabity's positions in the sub-headline ("Heineman signed LB1024; Osborne opposes it; Nabity seeks middle ground"), but it also lacks the online version's early and entirely necessary statement that Osborne AND Hahn would have vetoed. Below, you'll see both mentioned in the same sentence, but the print edition actually reads:
Republican candidate Tom Osborne say he would have veteoed Legislative Bill 1024.....

Why the change in the online version? Is this an admission of the journalists' negligent and selective reporting? When can readers, not to mention the Hahn campaign, expect their apology?

To make matters worse, when Hahn finally does get a mention in the print edition, it reads simply (and insultingly):
Heineman, Osborne and Omaha businesman Dave Nabity face off May 9 in the Republican primary. The winner will run against Lincoln businessman David Hahn, a Democrat who some people in his own party have doubted can defeate whoever emerges on the GOP ticket.

Can you believe this crap? For no reason, they dismiss Hahn's candidacy...while, at the same time, treating underdog Nabity like he is remotely legitimate just because he's a Republican.

Who are they kidding? If every Heineman and Osborne supporter were struck by the mumps and unable to vote on May 9th - which is what it would take for the extremist Nabity to even have a shot - it's just plain ludicrous to suggest that he would in any way have an advantage over the more even-tempered and thoughtful Hahn. Yet, the World-Herald has the audacity to suggest just that.

I'm pissed. And any World-Herald reader, regardless of party, should be as well. We pay for the news - not for spin and certainly not for political indoctrination. The writers of this article, Veronica Stickney and Michael Saunders, not to mention any supposed "journalist" in the World-Herald's employ, should all be hanging their heads in shame.


Blogger Knightn said...

they dismiss Hahn just as most Democrats already have. you are right for calling the OWH out on this.

Blogger Hosh said...

The OWH is a joke. They were biased when the Qwest Center came to town. Now they think that if they throw their vote behind Osborne, people will like them better. They even say later that Osborne isn't completely opposed to 1024 (I guess that was the day before's article). It's too bad that this state has their football heads shoved so far up their butts that they would vote for Osborne if he killed someone (strictly hypothetical).
This whole issue is just what a growing city didn't need. Now the country and the world sees these cry babies who can't poop without whining that their poop is substandard to their neighbors.
David Hahn for Governor!


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