Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Timid Trio EXPOSED

by Kyle Michaelis
If anyone's looking for a reminder of how Nebraska's Republican Congressional delegation operates and who they take their orders from, the DCCC has rolled out a nifty new website called "the GOP Auction House" that holds the Republican Congress responsible for its record of selling out the American people to the highest bidder.

Individual representatives each receive their share of the spotlight, with neither Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, or Tom Osborne demonstrating much concern for working-class voters or the interests of the American public.

Compared to the other two, at least Osborne hasn't practiced the quid pro quo politics of Fortenberry, Terry, and their fallen master Tom DeLay. He hasn't had to - in fact, he's refused to - take big campaign checks from PACs and special interest groups. But, that then begs the question of his voting record just what is Osborne's excuse?

Fortenberry voted with the GOP leadership 95% of the time. Terry: 94%. Osborne: 92%.

All that supposed independence - Osborne hasn't needed a penny from anyone - and this is what it's gotten Western Nebraska voters: 3-percentage points better than one of the most timid and eager to please rubber-stamps in the House of Representatives.

Whether targeting college students to take on the wealthy's abandoned tax burden, allowing federal research funds to be hijacked, shielding corporate polluters from their victims, or granting Halliburton carte blanche to steal from American taxpayers, Osborne has gone along nicely, voting with his party rather than the people he represents.

I mean, seriously....who in Nebraska's Third Congressional District really thinks off-shore companies that leave the country to escape paying taxes, taking American jobs with them, should be eligible for assistance from the federal government?

As we're paying $3 for a gallon of gas, who supports the oil industry receiving a multi-billion dollar give-away while already reaping record-breaking profits on the backs of the American consumer?

Tom Osborne might but not because he's listening to his constituents.

No, votes like that - like most of Fortenberry's and Terry's - were obviously coming from a higher power than the voters they're supposed to represent. But, at least Fortenberry and Terry see a pay-off for their betrayal. Osborne doesn't even ask for his 30 pieces of silver.

Does that make him the most timid of his fellows in the Timid Trio? Or, is he just the sucker of the bunch?


Blogger gambit said...

I do believe the problem with the third district is a lack of options more than anything. Democrats in the third district are basically quasi-republicans, and they basically espouse republican positions on issues. Voters just find it easier to pick a republican instead of doing the research. Even with the scandals in Washington, people seem indifferent to it all. It doesn't affect them locally. It would take something major happening here locally to open people's eyes.


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