Friday, October 13, 2006

Adrian Smith's Disappearing Act

by Kyle Michaelis
"The Threesome" - Schelske, Evans, and Smith at happier times

For months, 3rd District Congressional candidate Adrian Smith had dedicated an entire section of his website to his reception with country music star Sara Evans and her husband Craig Schelske. At, Smith had photo after photo of himself, Evans, and Schelske posing with supporters and contributors who'd paid for the opportunity.

Well, today, that site has vanished, available only with the pictures removed thanks to the magic of Google.

Why would Smith remove this page? What could he possibly be hiding? Let me go out on a limb and guess that it has something to do with the following report from ABC News:
Country singer and "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Sara Evans is alleging in divorce papers filed Thursday that her husband, Craig Schelske, cheated on her, drank excessively, was verbally and emotionally abusive, and often watched pornography in their house.

The 35-year-old Evans alleges that Schelske has photographs of himself having sex with other women, and that he has at least 100 nude photos of himself "in a state of arousal."

Evans also says that Schelske watched pornography on the couple's computer and made requests online for sex with multiple partners.

She alleges that their oldest child confronted Schelske while he was watching porn on their TV.

On Thursday, Evans dropped out of "Dancing With the Stars" and announced that she was filing for divorce....

Evans and Schelske, 43, married in 1993 and have three children, ages 7, 3 and 2.

In 2002, Schelske ran for Congress as a Republican in Oregon.

Schelske, as was recognized on Smith's website, is also the chairman of his own Political Action Committee, the humbly-named CRAIG PAC. Before their site disappears as well:
Craig Schelske is the Chairman of CRAIG PAC, a national political action committee dedicated to electing Republicans at the federal and state level....

Professionally, Craig is a business executive who has enjoyed great success as a marketing and career strategist. He is currently the President of Gingerdog, Inc., specializing in guiding the entrepreneurial aims for Sara Evans' entertainment career.

I guess they don't make "social conservatives" like they used to. It's not my place to judge Schelske, Evans, their sexual habits, or the conditions on which their marriage was based. But these folks are pretty clearly out of line with the common Third District conception of family values. Also, as an observer of Nebraska politics, I'd be remiss if I hadn't noticed how quickly Smith tried to erase what had clearly been one of the highlights of his campaign.

Smith should be getting used to this constant game of damage control. Between the friendly relations with Schelske and his standing behind the Republican leaders who covered-up Congressman Mark Foley's sexual abuse of teenaged boys, voters are bound to start asking questions about Smith's character and about the company he keeps.

Unfortunately for Smith, not everything can be covered-up by simply deleting it from a website.


Anonymous Jeff A said...

Smith needs to be held accountable to this connection! The supposed "real" media in the district needs to expose Smith for the joker he is!

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

And Kleeb will be held accountable for his

Stay tuned.

Anonymous ryan said...

oh please enlighten us mighty bulldog. regardless of anybody elses connections, Smith must answer to his alone. I don't think that is beyond reasonable.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet bulldog got nervous when he saw the words "threesome" and "Adrian Smith" together. Breathe easy bowser...

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

OK people, peel yourself away from "Lost" or your "Sex and the City" re-run, put down the bong water for a minute, and let me educate you.

Nelson sits on the board of a company, Behlen, which pollutes, sends jobs to China, and threatens those who want to blow the whistle on Behlen's polluting of groundwater in the Columbus area.

Now, I know.....Bennie says he didn't do it, so we all must believe him. But he was paid by Behlen, even though he denied it, and he turned a blind eye to the pollution while he was gov.

Of course you'll talk about Hagel or Ricketts, but let's try, for once if the THC hasn't smeared your brain too much, to focus on the aforementioned facts.

Anonymous jeff said...

uhh...duh! you announce like Ricketts spokeperson as if it is breaking news. Your (and Pete's) assertion is quite general as if you are fishing for something to stick to Nelson. Smith connections are quite specific and strong, why do you change the subject to Nelson when your buddy pete hits below the belt? What are these Kleeb connections you promised us almighty bulldog?

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

What Kleeb connections? He hasn't done anything in Nebraska (pay taxes, work, live outside of
crashing on his parent's couch).

This Sara Evans deal shows Kleen and his hessians are grasping.

So the Ameritrade 'layoff' commercials were OK, but Ricketts mentions Behlen and it's below the belt??

You sad sap. You'll believe any bent logic in order to protect Bennie.

Anonymous jeff said...

I advocate accountibilty on both sides. I was attempting to suggest that perhaps you should do the same. The blame game can go on forever, it all comes down to who we think will serve Nebraska better which is where we differ. There is nothing wrong with being biased, however blind bias only hurts the state. If you observed Smith in the unicam for 60-90 straight days for several years, you may have a different opinion of him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bulldog, the fact that you have to frame every attack against liberals with silly, outdated rhetorical attempts at jabs (bongwater? please) shows me that YOU'RE grasping.

at least make a real point beneath it all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ummm...nice allegations against Ben Nelson. Can you prove any of them? Because I'd like to share the proof with my friends. Can you tell us how we can get the truth? We need to stop the lying, tax cheating, toiletpapering, signstealing, lobbying, Democrat voting and all around EVIL Ben Nelson. please help me. I want to join your cause. Please.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does one spell desperation? R-I-C-K-E-T-T-S. You know a candidate is doomed when he sends his lapdogs - sorry bulldogs - out with phony allegations and absolutely no proof.


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