Monday, October 23, 2006

Dave Heineman: 100% Pure Politician

by Kyle Michaelis
The Lincoln Journal-Star's candidate profile:
Dave Heineman
Age: 58
Occupation: Governor...
Internet viewing: Nebraska media sites daily, Washington Post occasionally, political surfing.
Sports: Golf with son.....
TV viewing: “Not much,” mostly news and sporting events.
Musical preference: Patriotic songs.

I don't think anyone puts too much stock in candidate profiles and their election year publication of candidates' personal favorites. Still, they are a traditional feature of the campaign season that allow some glimpse beyond the politician, to the candidate as an actual person.

But, my God, when a person lists "patriotic songs" as their favorite music, you have to wonder - is this guy even human?

In general, I can't imagine letting a candidate's favorite color or favorite movie influence ones vote. These questions aren't important. But, really, is it asking too much for some reassurance - a little bit of evidence - that the man on the ballot is an honest-to-goodness, flesh and blood human being?

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with "patriotic songs." I'm a 4th of July kind of guy who enjoys singing along to "The Star-Spangled Banner" at sporting events.

But, come on? Your musical preference?

This is one of the lamest and most absolutely blah things I've ever heard. It's the very definition of the safe answer that couldn't possibly offend anyone. And, what could be more offensive than that?

Since taking office, Dave Heineman's every move has consisted of self-serving, political pandering. This is certainly the most trivial of such examples, but - in its own way - that makes it even more despicable.

The LJS profile also notes of Heineman:
“He said he wanted to be governor when we married,” says Sally Ganem, Nebraska’s First Lady. “He always wanted to be in public service.”

Trust me, Madam First Lady, we can tell. But, let's not insult "public service." Dave Heineman always wanted to be a politician, and - for better or worse - that's precisely what he's become.

Sadly, that's all he's become. At least, if we're to accept this empty, soulless public persona on its face.

With all the money Heineman has taken from mostly lobbyists, special interest groups, and PACs (approaching $2.5 million), couldn't he have afforded one more poll that would tell him what kind of music it was okay to like. I mean, seriously - "patriotic songs"? Get real!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let’s see, Heineman is a West Point grad and was in the Airborne Rangers. Probably got spat on and called a baby-killer while in uniform in the 60’s.
Yeah, how crazy for him to like “patriotic songs”.
You’d think he’d be a Dylan fan.

Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, Kyle, how could you be so cynical? Clearly Heineman listens to Sousa marches and Lee Greenwood all day long. For a guy with absolutely no personality, it wouldn't surprise me.

Blogger Don Kuhns said...

You're on fire this week, Kyle. The last two posts were excellent. I hope you can keep this up until election day.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

Kylie calls Maxine "the Machine" regarding her 'fundraising prowess' and now she is calling Heineman a 'machine'.

The Gov is dedicated to his work and that bothers Kylie.

I guess a guy dedicated to his work is rewarded for it, while "High Hahn" forgets to pay child support and taxes.

That make sense. Keep up the good work, Kylie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Kyle, afer Don Walton's article today, we're waiting for your post about Ben Nelson's music tastes:

"Music: Likes Sousa marches"

Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...

I know plenty of folks who would declare polka their favorite music, so I can't give ol' Ben too much grief for liking Sousa marches. His tastes certainly are not my own - probably a generational thing. But, there's a world of difference between Nelson and Heineman's answers - especially in terms of wrapping themselves in the flag.

Of course, as stated above, this is all rather trivial. I'll not deny that I may be giving Heineman too hard of a time. "Patriotic songs" is just so indescript that it's hard to imagine such answer is not pre-meditated pandering.

Blogger spocko said...

Actually the real answer could be fraught with dangerous possible scary responses. Imagine if he had answered with any of these:

Speed Metal Satan
Celion Dion
Barbra Streisand
Anything by Wham!
Show Tunes!
Biggie Smalls (he died so young!)
Judy Garland (her haunting ballets mostly)
Dixie Chicks (especially their new stuff)

Blogger Dave said...

How funny that Nelson puts "Sousa marches." Ha! Let's be honest, Kyle, you think "patriotic" music, that's exactly the kind of thing you hear in your head.

Blogger Dave said...

spocko, now having Dave Heineman or Ben Nelson put speed death metal or emo as their favorite music? That would really, really make me laugh. Because I'm trying to picture it.

Anonymous nepolwatcher said...

Kyle you are right. the answers from both men are very different.

"Grab a" Heineman said patriotic songs because he couldn't think of a real composer to name. Nebraska's Senator named an actual composer - if you call his senate office in Washington you can hear souza marches while on hold.

So, Nelson has the superior intellect compared to Gov Appointment. And, with his hold music, Nelson has the record to back it up.

Stay tuned, right now Pete Ricketts is producing a tv commercial that says Souza was an illegal immigrant and a real conservative would be a Francis Scott Key fan. The ad includes footage of Hagel declaring that Key supporters will decide the Senate majority and Graba Heineman saying we need to keep Souza supporters our of WaRshington. Pete is cutting himself another $2 million to make sure the ad gets good play.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

Gov Heineman says to his wife he wants to be governor when he's young, sets his sites on it and accomplishes the goal. How American.

David Hahn says to his wife when he is young he will support her, fails to do so, fails in other responsibilities, and wants to be an elected official. How "Democratic".

Where I am confused is the type of that a "new" Democrat who like Clinton fails in his marital promises, or in this an "old" Democrat who is lazy but still rich, like Kennedy?

Anonymous Anonymous said...


how low can even you go?

Mike Johanns cheated on his wife and married the adulterer. Hagel is on his second wife - another family values man a victim of divorce.

then there's Bob Dole. And Remember Newt gingrich giving his wife papers while she was i nthe hospital being treated for cancer? And there's GOP REP Mark Foley who didn't bother to get married and divorced before becoming a pedophile. Do Lee Terry ang Fortenberry still support that guy or just the leadership that kept his "problem" a secret while he preyed on other children? Bob Livingston anyone?

Bulldog even for you, that is low. but just like the rest I bet with a little scratching we can unearth your indescretions you worthless puke.

should we go on?

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

Awww, did I hit a nerve? *Sniffle*....I'm so sorry.


What's the matter, wuss-bag? Can't take it when you get pricked?

Did any of those GOPers you mention fail to pay taxes or child support?

Come on...let's see what you've got you hide-behind-an-anonymous-posting sissy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are more predictable than Chuck Hagel attacking President Bush.

You are a lowlife - and I guess Bulldog is your real name? Joker.

I dunno if any of the Republicans failed to pay child support. It doesn't matter. Pete didnt' pay his taxes - you kinda forgot that huh?

Why dont you give me your SS# so I can crawl up your backside with a microscope? I bet you wouldn't be so tough then, would ya?

I bet you'r the kind of guy who rides around in his mini-van listening to AC/DC cranked up.

Blogger Daily Bulldog said...

It doesn't matter whether or not someone pays child support?? You are obviously a Dem. And you kinda forgot that Bennie Nelson didn't pay his taxes either.

Welcome to October 2006...are you just now down from orbit?

Give you my SSN....yeah, that's brilliant.

You'd like to go after some guy's anus with a microscope?? There is help for creatures like you.

See ya around, rainbow boy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog -- is "rainbow boy" some kind of gay bashing? That's another notch in your ugly belt.

Ben paid his taxes - every news organization in Nebraska has proven that. the only people who wont give up the lie are you and Pete Ricketts checkbook.

By the way, are you the only Republcian operative NOT breaking off a piece of Pete's cheese?

Heel, boy, heel!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson's favorite music is his on the link and enjoy...


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