Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bush's Approval in Nebraska: Still More Popular than Pete Ricketts

by Kyle Michaelis
The latest SurveyUSA tracking poll shows President George W. Bush taking a dive with Nebraska voters on the verge of the November 7th election. After seeing a slight bump last month that had Bush eke above 50% approval for the first time since April, the October numbers show 46% approving - with 52% disapproving - of Bush's job performance.

Although this can't be the trend Republicans would want to see at this point, they should take heart. At least Nebraska still favors President Bush over Senate challenger Pete Ricketts. And, that's with Ricketts spending a staggering, record-breaking $12 million of his family's multi-billion dollar fortune. Even with Bush's sinking numbers, more Nebraskans approve of him, and he hasn't spent a dime.


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