Saturday, October 21, 2006

Believing in Nebraska - America Invests in Kleeb for Congress

by Kyle Michaelis
AMERICABlog flexed its might today, raising almost $10,000 from readers in 24 hours for Nebraska's own Scott Kleeb. By way of ActBlue and a link at the top of AMERICABlog's homepage, 230 readers gave an average of $42 a piece - in a single day, for a single candidate. That's pretty damn impressive - and quite an honor for Kleeb, as his campaign was the first to be targeted by AMERICABlog for such direct support.

As a Nebraska Democrat, this support from across the country is incredibly humbling. It's unlike anything we've ever before experienced. Of course, we have a great candidate in Kleeb, and he is well-deserving of the attention and excitement his campaign has generated of late. Now, it falls to us, though, to prove that Kleeb's candidacy is more than hype and that Nebraska's Third District truly is ready for change.

I've been skeptical about the national attention Kleeb's received, worried that the spotlight might blind us to the significant hurdles that still remain on Election Day. I've also worried that the attention, by itself, does no real good and only opens Kleeb to attack. But, with an investment like this in a better future for Nebraska and for rural America - from common people, not a special interest group - what this attention should probably be seen as is not a distraction but a challenge.

Kleeb has done his part by running the better campaign and being the better candidate. Along the way, he's shattered stereotypes and brought a message of hope for which rural Nebraskans have longed for decades. His message has been so effective that people have taken note nationwide of a race that, in years previous, wouldn't have received a second thought on the basis of demographics alone.

Yes, Kleeb is up for the challenge. He's earned the opportunity for victory, and - because people want to believe in change - they're willing to see that he gets it. What remains to be seen, however, is if the people of Nebraska - you & I - will meet the challenge as well.

As voters, as citizens, as activists: none can be complacent and none can afford to sit-out the fight before us.

America wants a change, and there are a lot of people who have faith that, with candidates like Kleeb, it can start right here in Nebraska. But, for that to happen, we Nebraskans have to believe as well. After years of political back-sliding, that may not be an easy thing to do. If we're ever going to make things better, though, there is no other way.

Others are counting on us. We have to give. We have to work. Most of all, we have to believe. That's what democracy is all about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle, you know the Repubs are getting nervous when the whiners over at Leavenworth start picking on Scott!


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