Friday, February 02, 2007

An opeN iNvitatioN to Adrian Smith

by Kyle Michaelis
The anonymous "Uncle Wiggily" of Kearney writes in his Heartland Notebook blog:
I received a pleasant email the other day from Rep. [Adrian] Smith’s press secretary offering to make himself or his boss available for “e-interviews” , as well as background information and regular updating from the heady D.C. atmosphere. At first I congratulated myself on making such an impression on the biggies in D.C., then about twelve seconds later realized that probably every other blogger in the Cornhusker state got the same offer. At any rate, I declined the interview opportunity but invited him to send along whatever information he saw fit.

So far I have received a professionally done piece of partisan rhetoric from the research arm of the RNC detailing the latest Hilary [sic] hypocrisies, and a copy of a White House talking points memo synopsizing President Bush‘s remarks at the Caterpillar plant in Peoria the other day. Not exactly the kind of hard-hitting and open-minded political analysis I might have hoped for, but interesting nonetheless. And if nothing else, it at least demonstrates a modicum of interest from Smith’s office about what is being said and thought out here in the flatlands.
As a fellow "Cornhusker state" blogger, let me assure Mr. Wiggily that the New Nebraska Network has received no such offer of an interview with 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith. As a skilled writer who is clearly dedicated to his beliefs, it's unfortunate that Wiggily does not take advantage of this opportunity, as I'm sure it would make for a worthwhile read. Even if slanted-as-hell (as I'd expect), it would be nice to see a Nebraska politician speaking for himself and answering some actual questions.

Although I don't know what precisely Smith would have in mind for an "e-interview," I hope he and his office know that they're always welcome to join us at the New Nebraska Network. I'd be happy to ask them some questions. In fact, I'd be quite honored and can promise that our coverage would be respectful and fair.

And, aware as I am that politicians and their staff are all-too-keenly aware of what gets said about them in the press and on the Internet, I would like to extend this same offer of availability to Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, Dave Heineman or any other Nebraska politician who might have something to say to our readership. This is especially the case if the New Nebraska Network's criticism is ever unwarranted or just plain wrong. By all means, please do us the benefit of correcting me and enlightening my readers.

My soapbox is your soapbox if you want it - the only thing I'd ask is that you answer a few questions and provide some straight answers in the process. That's not asking too much, is it? - your people should contact my people. We'll work something out. That's a promise.

Oh yeah - Adrian - there's also a woman (and 3rd District constituent) from Grand Island who's probably gotten your attention with her own blog the last couple of weeks. In fact, I suspect she's the reason you're so eager for an online platform. If you aren't interested in reaching NNN's statewide audience, I've got a pretty good feeling Smith Watch would love to talk with you as well.

So, how's next week look on your schedule?

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