Saturday, August 11, 2007

Smith's Summer Vacation Plans

by Kyle Michaelis

by: Lisa Hannah

He's going golfing with the uber rich and John Boehner.
Our wonderful 3rd District Congressman has some of his summer plans all set. Next week, on August 16th, Adrian Smith gets to go golfing with the grown ups. His dear leader, John Boehner, has consented to take him golfing at one of the newest golf courses in the country, which also happens to be located near Mullen, Nebraska on the Dismal River.  
The Dismal River Golf Club was designed by Jack Nicklaus, and is an exclusive club for the uber rich and constipated in our society. The rates for this club make it very clear that it's not a place that most normal local ranchers can jump in their trucks and go golfing at:
- $3,600 annual dues (fixed for 5 years)
- 50% guest fee discount for immediate family and children 23 or younger
- $10,000 membership-transfer-to-heir fee
- 120 day tee sheet
- Guest privileges for 7 guests per day
- $200 daily guest fee includes golf cart, and breakfast and lunch at Jack's Shack
- Unlimited holes-played-per-day MINI CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP
- Annual Dues - $6,000 (fixed for 5 years from club opening)
- Two Designees - $5,000 transfer fee to change a designee (no transfer fee in connection with death or retirement of designee)
- 180 day tee sheet
- Guest fee for corporate outing is $200 per guest per day including cart as well as breakfast and lunch at Jack's Shack SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP
- Cost - $3,000
- Annual Dues - None
- Tee Sheet - Social Members will be allowed to use practice facilities for a daily fee of $20 and, when built, the par-3 course at a daily fee of $75
- Social Member Minimum - $1,000 per year (includes spa, lodging, food and beverage)
You can go to the site to see the extended details but you see that the rates are out of the league of most people in the 3rd District of Nebraska. Very few could ever afford it.

Now, if you want to rub elbows with Smith and Boehner on August 16th, you can fork out $1500 for an individual, $2500 for couples, or if you're really generous, you can be a "Hole Sponsor" for $2500 (I won't even go there with the whole question on what hole we are talking about).

It's nice to see that Adrian has moved up in the world. He's learning how to pander to the wealthy and elite all in pursuit of his ambition of staying in Washington until retirement. It also shows where his priorities with the people of the 3rd District stand.

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