Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, The Rumors Are Running Thick Now

by Kyle Michaelis
By: Dave Sund

This from The American Spectator:

With the announcement today that Sen. Chuck Hagel is retiring, Republicans in the Senate are privately giving big props to National Republican Senatorial Committee chair Sen. John Ensign for his behind the scenes support to Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, which started about six months ago.

Of course, given this quote later in the article, it's pretty clear that they are either clueless or desperately spinning in favor of Bruning:

Former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey has also indicated an interest in running for the seat, though after years of living in New York and consistently opposing the Iraq effort, he would be an interesting foil to Bruning, a bright, energetic conservative. "It would be like Bruning vs. Hagel all over again," says the GOP insider.

This from Dave Heineman:

During a phone news conference from Taiwan, Gov. Dave Heineman said he "fully expect(s)" Johanns to seek the Republican nomination to succeed Hagel."
"I assume he will make some announcement in the next few days (or) within the next week," the governor said.
Heineman served as Johanns' lieutenant governor and succeeded him when Johanns resigned in 2005 to become U.S. ag secretary.
"Let me just say I know Mike Johanns very well," the governor said.

In the next week, huh? Well, then I suppose Bush better ready his short list for a new Secretary of Agriculture. Because surely Johanns and Heineman realize that he can't do any campaigning for Senate until he resigns that position. Kerrey, meanwhile met with DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer Tuesday. He says that he will be making a decision very soon.

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