Monday, August 06, 2007

Building Nebraska's Progressive Movement

by Kyle Michaelis

by: Dave Sund

Well, at the risk of stepping on Kyle's toes, here, I wanted to welcome everyone to the *new* New Nebraska Network.

Thanks to Kyle for inviting me to take part in what will be an exciting new chapter in building Nebraska's progressive movement.

 My name is Dave Sund, and I write for the UNO College Democrats Blog.  Three years ago, none of this existed. Then, in late 2004, Ryan Renner and the UNO College Democrats started a blog, and the state Democratic Party - through the efforts of folks like Heath Mello - got into the act as well.

In early 2005, the state party was using a blogspot site until the actual website and what came to be the "Blog For Nebraska" was up and running. One of the key members of that community was Kyle Michaelis. The New Nebraska Network's evolution started with Kyle reposting comments at his own blog. And in March, 2005, the New Nebraska Network was born.  Obviously, it's grown to something much bigger, now. This is the next step in the community. Whether you're a Nebraskan or just someone who's interested in Nebraska politics, welcome to the latest chapter.

I'm hoping to cover the campaigns at every level, from state legislature, to my continued ramblings on the U.S. Senate race. I know that Kyle and Ryan Anderson will continue to provide the great commentary that we've come to expect.

And I hope that our community members will join us in making this next chapter a success.



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