Monday, August 06, 2007

NE Appleseed Praises Sen. Nelson on Children's Health Care

by Kyle Michaelis
A lot of Democrats complain about Sen. Ben Nelson's voting record (sometimes for good reason), but I'm glad to know we have at least one representative in Washington who actually believes the children of Nebraska's working class should have health coverage.
Senator Nelson stands up for Nebraska's children LINCOLN, August 3, 2007 - Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), called Kids Connection in Nebraska. The bill presents Nebraska with the opportunity to provide health care access to more of its uninsured low-income children....
Both the Senate and the House passed SCHIP bills that include significant increases in funding for the program and other policy improvements. The funding and provisions of both of these bills mean that Nebraska can continue to provide health care to those children already enrolled in its Kids Connection program and can provide vital health care access to even more children who are eligible for the program but who were not participating. Over half of the uninsured children in Nebraska are eligible for Kids Connection but are not enrolled. Senator Nelson was the only member of the delegation to support this broadly bipartisan and highly successful program. "With this vote Senator Nelson demonstrated his true commitment to Nebraska's children, their health and their futures," said Becky Gould, Executive Director of Nebraska Appleseed. "We hope our other representatives take the opportunity on the final vote to prioritize health care access for Nebraska's children."

The Nebraska Appleseed Center continues to do good work, providing a strong voice for those families with the greatest need. Read their full press release here.

Thanks to Nebraska Appleseed and to Sen. Ben Nelson. As for the rest of the bunch - Fortenberry, Hagel, Terry, Smith - they should all be ashamed.



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